Themed Parent Panels

Themed Parent panels: (45 minutes panel presentations + 15 minutes discussion with audience)
Parent Panels will consist of three (3) to four (4) parents. Parent panel presenters will have 10 to 15 minutes each to answer questions based on a theme of their choice. The session will end with a 10-minute discussion period. We will arrange presenters interested in this format, as well as the order of presenters. Parents from the same nest are welcome to participate in multiple panels if space permits. Themes and questions for these panels are listed below. We ask parents to submit a short bio (approximately 100 words) and provide their first, second, and third choice of panels to participate in.
  • Theme 1 – New Beginnings
    1. How did you discover the nest you are a part of and why did you decide to enroll your child?
    2. What would you say to a parent who is hesitant about enrolling their child in a nest?
  • Theme 2 – Support
    1. How does your involvement and participation contribute to the continued success of the nest?
    2. What lifestyle changes, if any, have you yourself had to make and to make as parents to support your child in the language nest?
  • Theme 3 – Holistic Benefits
    1. How has your child grown since their participation in the nest?
    2. What are some indicators of wellness in your family that can be linked to your participation in the nest?
  • Theme 4 – Beyond the nest
    1. What has your family gained from the nest that you would like to continue to nurture once your time there ends?
    2. What plans do you have to ensure your child’s continued language learning once they complete the language program?
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