Themed Language Nest Panels

Themed language nest panels: (45 minutes panel presentations + 15 minutes discussion with audience)
Language Nest Panels will consist of three (3) presenters. Language nest panel presenters will have 15 minutes each to present on their language nest and address a theme of their choice. The session will end with a 15-minute discussion period. We will arrange presenters interested in this format, as well as the order of presenters. Language nests are welcome to participate in multiple panels, however we ask that they provide only one representative per theme. Themes and questions for these panels are listed below. Language nests should submit a short bio with the link to their nest website and a description (100 words approximately) to indicate the themes of the panels they would like to participate in.
  • Theme 1 – New Beginnings
    1. What inspired you to start your language nest and how does this model serve the needs of your community? What is unique about your nest?
    2. Were there any initial challenges in establishing your nest and if so, how did you navigate them?
  • Theme 2 – Lessons Learned
    1. What advice would you give to people who would like to establish a nest and to newly established nests?
    2. What turned out differently than you expected when starting a nest and how have you adapted?
  • Theme 3 – Holistic Benefits
    1. What have you observed in the children’s wellbeing while they have been enrolled in the nest?
    2. How has working in the language nest impacted your team’s wellness?
  • Theme 4 – Living Language
    1. What do you envision for children presently in your nest once they leave the nest?
    2. What kind of support do you feel is needed to help your children take flight as speakers once they complete your program and ensure their continued learning?
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